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Total Farm Layout Design

Your land is your most important resource, and making the most of your land use is one of your most important tasks. When you design your farm layout you need to make sure your consider all the aspects that influence the overall effectiveness and profitability of your farm. We work with your to determine the optimum layout of your land to include such things as building placement and all the following areas.

Drainage Design

Errosion can be one of your biggest long term issues. If you don't provide proper drainage, your precious topsoil will degrade over time and even your investments like fencing will be affected by incorrectly design drainage systems on your farm.

Our Drainage Designs make sure the water on your property stays as a resource and does not become a liability for you and your business.

Water Storage

Effective storage of water is critical to any farms success. We specialise in making sure you have the correct placement and design of dams.

We also provide a re-design service for anyone with existing dams that are in-effective.

Water Harvesting

You should always make the most of any water that is available on your property. Collecting rain water effectively as it falls or moves accross your land can be a valuable addition to your water stocks at any time of year.

Proper water flow designs of your property will ensure you maximise your water effeciency.

Flood Control

Too much water can of course be disasterous and the errosion and plain destruction of flood waters can be ruienous. Our aim with flood control is to ensure we plan for flooding to migitage the damage and to ensure any damage is contained and minimised.

Proper Flood Control is vital to the long term success of any farm especially in the flood prone areas of Northern Victoria.

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